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The Only Country that Plants 10 Billion Trees In The Desert And Why

The percentage of Saudi Arabia's land area that is covered by trees is about 0.5%, and it has been constant since 1990. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to triple the amount of land that is now covered by trees in order to significantly progress the kingdom's economy and society and leave a lasting impression on the world.

Saudi Arabia, along with other Gulf oil producers, is prepared to provide the final drips of oil required for global consumption. For the majority of these countries, oil revenue is a major source of budgetary support.

With ten billion native trees, the kingdom is reforesting the nation. Thousands of individuals in numerous locations are working day and night to achieve the goal at the right time. Desalination techniques and cloud seeding are used to supply water before, during, and after planting.

Along with that, it intends to plant 40 billion more trees around the Middle East in cooperation with other Arab nations. This would be the largest reforestation operation ever carried out. Newly planted trees have a high survival rate because they can withstand challenging conditions.

Rising heat and longer, more regular droughts are putting a strain on water supply and agricultural output in some Middle Eastern nations. The initiative's opponents contend that because Saudi Arabia is a desert nation by nature, planting trees won't assist to reduce the rising temperatures that have negatively impacted both human and animal daily life.

In difficult locations where temperatures can reach 58 degrees Celsius, newly planted trees can survive for months without a drop of water and grow. It's one of the hottest spots on earth to be in the Gulf.

The Saudi government's green strategy includes planting trees in order to reduce pollution, carbon emissions, and land degradation.

Aiming to lead the worldwide effort to combat global warming, Saudi Arabia wants to reduce its carbon footprint. Projects from the Saudi Green Initiative would aid in a 4% reduction in global carbon emissions.

The World Economic Forum, established in 2020, aims to maintain, cultivate, and repair 1 trillion trees while promoting environmentally friendly alternatives to cut emissions by one-third.

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