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Do Not Break Your Bank To Start Pig farming, Instead Do This

This kind of farming has been lucrative in Kenyan market. Many people have had dreams of starting it but capital has been hindrance to them with many left with options of taking loans from banks which is risky as like any other business is prone to profits or loses.So what should you do?

First,visit the pig farmers associations or local farmers who started it earlier and are doing better.From them,learn how to care for pigs, how to breed ,how to feed and other related information. Then after that,get to know the kind of the breed you want.Thereafter, purchase a pregnant pig.Why?Because you can buy one and find that it does not conceive.

Then,take your pregnant sow home and feed it until it delivers its piglets.Depending on size and breed,a pig can give birth to 10-16piglets.That means you have saved money you could have purchased such number of piglets as pregnant one goes for 25000-30000Ksh in the market.That means you do not need to borrow money you can make use of the small amount you have.Then,you can decide to keep the piglets until they mature and bear another generation of pigs and the cycle continues. Within two years you will have over hundred of them.

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