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Two Lucrative Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Kenya With Less Than Ksh 1000

As a result of hard economy in Kenya brought about by the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic which has led to some of the counties to be a no go zone,individuals are being faced by many challenges in getting something for their stomach. As a result, people have started venturing in various businesses to earn at least a living at the end of the day. Many qualified individuals with Certificates, diplomas, degrees and PHDs have lacked white collar jobs and thus starting some small businesses. The following are some of the businesses opportunities you can start and earn big.

1.Hawking Male Socks - it's a lucrative business idea where many people have sailed through and are earning very big amount of returns at the end of the day. At wholesale price, with only Ksh 1000 you're able to purchases good socks for men with a pair less than Ksh 30. The same socks can be sold at a reasonable retail price of Ksh 50 making a total profit of Ksh 20 each pair. Imagine selling 100 socks per day, it's such a serious business with good profit though those operating will never tell you.

2.Hawking Women Handbags-This is another profitable business opportunity which individuals can commence at a startup capital of Ksh 1000.With this amount, you can buy many handbag at a wholesale prices and resell them at a retail price. In a busy area such as bus stations, you can sell this items double the price making good profits at the end of the day. A woman normal hand may cost between Ksh 50 to Ksh 500 depending on the quality.

To conclude, the above mentioned business will always do well in busy places such as near university hostels, bus stations, within big companies among other good busy places.

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