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My Chicken Rearing Hustle Earns Me 20k A Month. Check Out How

After finishing my secondary school education, I wanted to find some work so that I could be making my own cash. I tried some jobs but I quit them after just a few days. They were not what I wanted. Then one day, I had an idea, ''what if I start rearing hens?'' Finding a place to rear the hens wasn't a problem. We had a big store at home and that is where I sought to start the hustle.

I renovated the store to form different sections so that it could hold many hens at once. After a week, I bought the first set of chicks two days old. They were 400 in total and needed a lot of care. At night I used filament bubs to keep them warm. After one month, 350 of the chicks had grown to a size dependent on themselves. Three months down the line I sold 250 of them and it was a great sell. That is when I realized the big market gap for chicken and concentrated more on the hustle. I went ahead and bought a second set of chicks, this time 800 of them.

Now it is a year down the line and every month I have mature hens to sell. The market is large and I earn more than 20k per month from the sale of the hens. You can also start your hustle today and earn big in a short time. Resilience and patience are key. Follow my page to get more hustle tips that can help you be your own boss.

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