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7 unique business to start with 100k in Kenya with huge profits

I'm going to go over 7 business ideas that can be started with Ksh. 100,000 or less. All of these are simple enough that you can do it without the help of an investor!

These are all passive income streams, which means they don't require much work once they're up and running.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

This business concept is ideal for someone who enjoys shopping on Amazon and has spare time. Selling things that are excessively pricey or esoteric yet have good evaluations is one method to accomplish this.

If you discover something similar and buy it for a high enough price (say $150), you may profit by more than $75 after shipping charges! However, you will need to put in some effort because you will need to send your item once it has been purchased from your online store.

If you don't want to deal with any of the logistics, you can send your inventory to Amazon FBA yourself and then decide how much of a cut you get when products sell through each individual product listing.

Website design

This is a fantastic business opportunity for persons who are computer savvy and have the financial means to start their own website design firm. Let's break down what's involved if you're not sure how much it'll cost:

✓A Ksh. 100,000 investment in your startup (Domain name registration, web hosting) ✓$100-$200 for business cards and a website ✓Flyers or fliers can be printed at home on printer paper for free or professionally printed at an office supply store for around $20.

Note that you must also create these materials yourself, which can take time depending on the size of your company!

This one is entirely up to you in terms of labor costs. You might take on clients yourself or hire freelancers to do the work for you! It's critical to understand that this is a company idea with a lot of competition and few fresh markets for people who are just starting out in their professions! This does not rule out the possibility of profit, as there will always be those who want things done quickly and cheaply.

Drone Aerial Video/ Photography business

Another business in Kenya that may be started with Ksh. 100,000. You might be amazed at how profitable this business idea is. Aerial film and images are in high demand as part of many marketing campaigns! It's a good thing that, because to the rise of drones, anyone can now do this without having to spend thousands of dollars on planes or helicopters — all you'll need is a good drone (worth at least Ksh. 50,000).

Insurance, licensing, and KAA registration, which costs around Ksh. 30K each year, are some of the additional fees. You'd also like to have your own website, so depending on the style (WordPress? Squarespace? ), there may be some upfront expenditures.

This only requires one person though if they’re willing to handle both photography/videography while flying the drone themselves. If you don't have access to a camera, there are companies that will come to you and film your video for a fee. This business will take a little more time to get started, but it has the potential to grow into much more than just photos and videos of real estate, weddings, and other events.

Dropshipping business

With Ksh. 100,000, you can launch a dropshipping business in Kenya. You can create a website that sells the products of others. You won't have to worry about inventory or shipping costs because the supplier will take care of everything. You will require the following items:

✓A domain name and hosting, as well as shopping cart software such as Shopify ✓Product images – If you want something free, you can use stock photos.

✓The ability to produce engaging content (write catchy product descriptions) If your drop shipped items aren't selling well on Amazon, it's time to stop squandering money on them. Instead, try creating your own products to ensure that every purchase is profitable.

Airbnb business

Airbnb is another business that can be started with Ksh. 100,000 in Kenya. What are the steps and benefits of starting an Airbnb management company? It is possible to start a successful business with as little as Ksh. 1000, but it will take some effort.

The first step for any aspiring entrepreneur is to have a clear goal in mind as well as an understanding of what the desired outcome will look like. For example, if you want your new business to make more than Ksh. 5 million per year, you must structure it in such a way that it can generate those kinds of incomes and profits.

There are numerous approaches that could be taken: By forming alliances or joining forces with other entrepreneurs Reaching out to investors in order for them to share the risk of investment capital (and thus provide funding), and so on. If you're interested in property management but want to branch out into a new market, this is the place to be. The Airbnb management company would manage other people's Airbnbs, giving you the opportunity to learn more about this new and exciting industry. Costs of getting started; 25K for cleaning supplies 50K in business cards 15K for a business license.

Furniture resale business

In Kenya, a furniture resale business can be started with as little as Ksh. 100,000. To begin, you will need to locate second-hand items with a high market value so that they do not go to waste or end up in landfills.

This could include old metal chairs from an office, coffee tables from someone's living room, and so on. If you want this business to succeed as soon as possible, you should keep an eye out for these kinds of things.

It is not necessary to have high expectations of making Ksh. 5 million or more from this business for it to be worthwhile. If you are careful in selecting the right items that will sell well on sites like and Pigiame, you can start with as little as Ksh. 100,000 in Kenya and still turn over around a 20% profit margin on your investment capital per year. This equates to at least Ksh. 20,000 per month (or Ksh. 240,000 per year), which isn't bad considering your initial investment was so low!

Photography services

This business may not grow as quickly as others because it requires time and resources up front with no guarantee of how much profit will be made per year – but, once again, there are many ways to go about it. One could specialize in photographing people, for example, by photographing them in the studio or at various events and weddings, and then selling those images to clients online as prints, on canvas, and so on.

Another approach would be to focus more on digital photography rather than film photography, as most photographers did when cameras were first invented.

This entails using a DSLR camera with a high megapixel output and the ability to process RAW files digitally (or you could consider investing in one of the latest mirrorless models). Then having these images printed through services like Snapfish so they have life-sized quality while remaining affordable enough to ship around the world!

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