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The Best Famous Market In Nairobi You Should Know About

Kenya is the best country when it comes on how it has arranged all the market sectors at Nairobi areas. Their are many activities that are carried in the market that are within Nairobi areas. There are many markets in kenya where all buying and selling activities are carried out particulary at Nairobi. Some are well performing due to well market strategy that is common in any market structure. Varieties of markets in kenya include open-air markets, meat and fish markets and vegetable markets as well as clothes markets that is common as mitumba market where people go thrift for shopping. While some of the main markets are in Nairobi city are common. Here are some of the many common markets located throughout Kenya that i need you to know about.

1. Masai market

Maasai Market is one of the best places to purchase curios, unique-African jewellery, and fabric in the whole of kenya. In Kenya, there are many Masai market but the most common one is outside the Nairobi Court of Appeal’s parking lot and happens every Saturday. For more information you can go in that place so that you can see how well this market is performing.

2. Kariokor Market:

Kariokor market is another famous market with many sellers and buyers in the same market. Shoppers can get things for affordable prices and while Kariokor is mainly for people who want to buy and resell hence a good and affordable at a cheap price, many can also go there to buy one item.

3. Toi market:

Another best market in kenya is Toi market. Toi is located in the Adams Arcade/Ngong Road area in Nairobi area, shoppers can find very-fashionable items like jeans and dresses of all category. Some of these clothes are secondhand or brandnew, but they are very attractive and are commonly displayed them in Toi Market after marking up their prices which is common affordable.

4. Gikomba market:

Another famous market in kenya is Gikomba is the largest which is commonly know for clothes. People go there early in the morning to find affordable clothes to wear that is less costly. The market is a labyrinth of narrow pathways and heaps of clothes. The best time to visit this place is on a Saturday morning after 7 to 10 am because that is when the vendors bring their new bails of clothes to sell on stocks. Later in the day and further on in the week, the price of the clothes increases with time.

5. Muthurwa market:

Muthurwa market is another famous market in Nairobi. This is a very busy market near the Central Business District in Nairobi with many people. People sell all manners of things including clothes and food items that they have. This market is very congested and noisy due to large population of people who exist there.

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