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Why Food And Fuel Prices Are Rising In Kenya

The increase in the cost of living can be attributed to a combination of external and domestic factors.

Under the pressure From International Mornutary Fund - I MF) to raise more revenue, the government has Increased taxes on every household goods such as cooking gas, fuel and food.

For instance Value Added Tax (VAT) was not applied to cooking gas for many years but a levy of 16%was imposed in July 2021.

Partly because of the effects of Covid - 19 which hit tourism and exports, the Kenyan shilingi has been losing value - by about 6% since May 2021-pushing up the prices of all imported goods.

The pandemic has also disrupted global supply chains, making it more expensive and tedious to access the the move goods and services across the borders.

Nikhil Hira, a tax expert at Nairobi-Based firm Kody LLP, says "There is no doubt that today the cost of living has spiralled beyond control"

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