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Who will rescue kenyans against the high prices in fuel?

Kenya is the only country in east africa which has the highest fuel prices. This lead to rising the cost of living in the country. The citizens are wailing out to the government to help them but on the other hand the government has rised taxes on fuel in order to increase their revenue collection.

This taxes include excise duty which takes the largest percentage amounting to Sh21.95 of every litre of petrol then followed by the Road Maintenance Levy Sh18.VAT has been adjusted upwards to Sh9.98 while the Petroleum Development levy is charged at Sh5.40. Other levies included in the fuel pricing are Petroleum Regulatory Levy, Railway Development Levy, Anti-adulteration Levy, Merchant Shipping Levy and the Import Declaration Fee.

All these taxes charged on the fuel have led to the rise on the prices. The greatest question the citizens are asking is why can't the government lower the taxes inorder to ensure the prices are not high since the suppliers only earn less than sh10 per litre. Kenyans are stranded and they wonder what to do and who will help them in the fight against the fuel prices since it increases cost in the transportation sector which on the leaves the common mwananchi helpless since the overall cost of living also goes high. This increases have left the Common mwananchi with no savings at all since they will have to Work just for food due to high cost of living. The greatest question is who will help out the mwananchi in the fight against the fuel prices?

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