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Why You Are Not Making Profit From Your Poultry Business And What To Do

Poultry farming is one of the fastest-growing business enterprises in Kenya. However simple it might sound, it will only benefit you when you do things by the book. Below are some of the reasons why your poultry might not produce much profit and what you should do to avoid such.

1. Disease outbreaks: This has been the main reason why most poultry farmers incur loses in their business. To avoid such, ensure you follow a strict vaccination schedule and other biosecurity measures such as general cleanliness, disease treatment, deworming and isolating I'll looking birds.

2. Middle-men and brokers: Some of them are good but most of them are outright evil. They will always find ways of taking lion's share of the produce thereby leaving farmers with nothing. To avoid such, always find a good market for your product before venturing into this business.

3. Being missed by other farmers and lack adequate education on poultry farming. As a farmer do not be supped by other evil-minded farmers. If you don't have any skills attend poultry training sessions and seminars. Sone of which are freely available online.

4.High cost of feeds and poultry equipment. This has been a pain in the neck. In Kenya, this has been the farmer’s undoing. To overcome this, use locally available materials to make poultry equipment like feeders and drinkers. You can also manufacture your feeds to supplement the commercial ones. If you can't do both, vaccinate your birds and keep them on free-range.

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