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Best Place To Relax And Have A Drink In Bungoma

Bungoma town is one of the biggest towns in Western region as is the headquarters for Bungoma county where the county offices and county assembly is situated.

People visiting Bungoma county has had a nice time of relief when it comes to refreshment, there are several resorts in the town but there is one that has been catching the attention of many people. This is siritamu resort which has a beautiful site and cool environment. Below is the image of the place.

Siritamu resort is equiped with enjoyment site including the swimming pools where many clients have been enjoying themselves after getting served with with different luhya meals such as the chicken and ugali. Below is another image of Siritamu resort's swimming pool.

Siritamu resort offers good services to its clients that has made many people to like visiting the place severally making the resort to get more income. For more details please follow my account and share my articles.

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Bungoma Siritamu


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