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"The Problem Is Not Tribal As They Are Selling To Us On BBI, It Is Leadership And Economy" DP Ruto

William Ruto had a chance to clear out his side of view concerning BBI.

Sophia asked, "Even when the Court stopped it, they still claim 'reggae' is on, do you think the issues as laid out by that document, will solve all tribal problems and ascend Kenya to a peaceful nation?"

DP articulately responded, "Sophia, the problem ailing Kenya is not tribal in nature as they are selling to us on BBI platform. You want to tell us, that by creating three or five positions for some few people would have solved the menace and the bottlenecks that is derailing Kenya much behind, the major issue is still economy."

"So how will you address this issue you claim ails Kenya, given that the next president will have to attend to this ever growing debt?"

The second in command answered, "With the spiraling debt the country has, I can still be able to stimulate economy in different ways, say for example 400 billion is going for development projects, I can reduce such to probably 200 billion and the remaining 200, allocate it to various agricultural streams, to stimulate growth of products and also ensure that our small and medium enterprises can access credit to build their businesses, and thereafter have a tax system that fairly engage everyone, this way I would have helped solve the economy and at the same time address the debt burden."

"I tell you we can change Kenya tremendously if we get the correct diagnosis, tribalism is not the problem"

In their regime, they have been attributed to doing much towards development projects. He mentioned how they achieved much in the first term and positively lauded the economy was doing well.

He said much was attained, electricity connection to atleast eight million people, creation of atleast 140 TVET institutions, Coming up with roads projects and lastly the SGR project.

He said, the second term would have absolutely solved major challenges the country still faced. Among them, Unemployment, Farmers problems, transforming Kenya to a more industrialised nation, addressing food security and so on.

He was asked, "What made these agenda they had, not transformed effectively? Was it the handshake and BBI, what do you say?"

Number two responded, "I think the big 4 could have been addressed properly, but the people tasked to ensure the same, did not put much efforts towards the same, or maybe didn't have much expertise in those fields. Also I could say that, we spent much resources behind the 'handshake' and the 'BBI' which actually dragged our top agenda behind."

"Why didn't you ask the president to consider this his too priority besides the importance of other issues before him?"

"Please Sophia let's not talk about the president again, talk about me, Ruto."

Conversation was much interesting and for sure you cannot miss anything to say or comment, can you?

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