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Kenyans Rush to Buy Land Near Kenyatta Family's Ksh 500B Northlands City

This city will have residential zones for residents with incomes ranging from low to high, commercial space, a central business district, educational institutions, an industrial area, and an agricultural zone.

Northlands City is going to play home to about 250,000 people who will come from all around the country. As a direct result of this multi-billion dollar project, Kenyans have been motivated to make investments and move to estates located in the surrounding area.

The dualling of the Eastern bypass connecting Ruiru and City Cabanas is another element that is luring Kenyans to the area.

One of the areas that was popular with purchasers in 2022 was Ruiru Kamakis. According to a number of real estate reports, it appears that the region will continue to draw an increasing number of buyers over the course of the next decade.

Despite the increase in value of the parcels, land in the region has been sold at rates that are more reasonable as a result of the dualling of the Eastern bypass, which is scheduled to be finished in January 2023. Fanaka Real Estate says.

Kenyans have the opportunity to purchase lands in Ruiru, Kamakis, at prices as low as Ksh4.5 million for commercial plots, which gives them time to do so before prices skyrocket.

Footbridges, bus stages, speed control measures, and connecting roads are some of the amenities that will be provided as part of the megaproject in Kenya. These amenities will further attract Kenyans who are looking to relocate.

Ruiru is in a very advantageous location because it is reachable by the Eastern Bypass, the Northern Bypass, and the Thika Road.

According to a report that was compiled by HassConsult for the third quarter of 2022, the cost of land in the satellite towns that were located around Ruiru decreased.

A decrease of 0.1 percent brought the cost of land in Ruiru down to Ksh28,500,000.

In an interview with a Kenyan newspaper, the Corporate Affairs Manager of Option Limited, Cathrine Khasoa, claimed that the movement of people and businesses from Nairobi to satellite locations such as Ruiru will be ongoing due to the numerous development projects that are now being carried out.

According to what she said, "the move was anticipated due to the growth of the infrastructure, which has been in place since the 1990s.

In addition to Juja Road Farm and Kenyatta Road, Kenyatta Road is another location where Kenyans are purchasing land in anticipation of the benefits that will be delivered by Northlands City.

Off of the Thika Superhighway lies Kenyatta Road, which is one of the Kiambu County and Nairobi metropolitan area's satellite communities seeing the most rapid population growth.

Additionally, you can get there by using Thika Road, the Eastern bypass, or the Northern bypass.

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