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3 Most Profitable Livestock to Keep in Kenya 2022

1. Beef farming

With modern dual purpose cows breeds such as the Boran, Brown Swiss, Dairy Cross, Beef Hereford and Charolais that can be kept for both meat and milk a farmer can win in both ways. However a farmer can still rear bulls that are entirely for meat production only.

Maximum productivity is achieved with the right breed, proper feeding, timely vaccination and proper clean constructed shelter.

2. Dairy farming

Although dairy farming is labour intensive and expensive to run it can be lucrative.

A farmer however requires a large herd to make profits due to the low prices of milk in Kenya caused by low purchasing prices by dairy processing companies and competition by cheap imports.

With the right breed, proper breeding, proper feeding, well constructed clean shelter and drinking water and proper vaccination a farmer will get good production.

3. Goat farming

A farmer can rear goats either for milk,meat and fur or hides. With the right breed, proper feeding ensuring a balanced diet , adequate clean water supply and a clean shelter a farmer is guaranteed of maximum output.

Goat meat and milk fetches better prices in the market.When value added into products such as yoghurt it fetches even higher prices.Goat milk is accredited with helping control diabetes due to low fats.Goats are hardy, resistant to diseases, can give birth twice a year and mature fast.

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