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"Tumechoka Na Vitu Za China" Reactions After This Product Was Reported To Be Imported From China

The Kenyan economy depends widely on the importation and exportation of products. Kenya exports many products from China due to the good relationship they have. However, Kenyans have been lamenting over the issue of the government importing products that can be produced and sold locally.

According to Asmail Mohammed, a blogger who enjoys massive support on social media, imported onions were spotted In the country. "I just saw some onion boxes labeled made in China. Like seriously? We don’t farm onions in Kenya?"

These were some of the reactions from netizens;

"Last month I shopped in Ruai town. All vendors had some brilliant white garlic. On inquiring the women told me it had been delivered that morning...they were from China. Each at 20/- per large piece. Kenyan produce was also available, a pale white and costing more. Yes, more." Nelson

"Kenya kuna a lot of shitty stuff .. production cost for farm produce is high in Kenya then farmers sell at insanely low prices coz of the said made in China onions.." Peet

"Maybe it's the box which is made in China. Though despite having freshwater lakes we are also eating China grown FISH," Dan

"Plenty of onions at mt Elgon, perhaps no road transport to take to other parts of the country."

What is your take on this?

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