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What Is Currently Making Kenyan Farmers To Rear Rabbits In Large Numbers Than Any Other Animal.

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya's economy. It entails growing of crops and rearing of livestock. There are many species of livestock kept by Kenyan farmers. This article reviews why many Kenyan farmers are currently keeping rabbits in large numbers.

Rabbits are mammals belonging to order rodentia. They have short and stubby tail. The common breeds of rabbits reared by most of the Kenyan farmers include; New Zealand white, French Lop, California white, Angora, Flemish giant and Dutch rabbits.

Rabbits are kept in large numbers to ensure production of more volumes of urine from them. Urine from rabbits is used both as foliar fertilizer and pesticide. As a pesticide, it has the ability to repel the insect pests such as flower eating caterpillars, fruit sucking bugs, aphids, leaf mites, fruit flies and moths.

For you to get good results, mix the rabbits urine with water in correct proportions. As a foliar fertilizer, mix every one litre of rabbit urine with four litres of clean water while as a pesticide, a ratio of 1.2 urine to water is recommended.

The above advantages makes urine from rabbit to be very expensive in the Kenyan markets. Kenyan farmers are thus generating alot of income from sales of rabbit urine.

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