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"What I Ordered Vs What Was Delivered" Online Shoppers That Regretted Ordering Things Online(Photos)

Since the rise of large internet-based e-commerce sites, the growth of online shopping has been exponential, with a huge increase in the number of consumers choosing to buy online rather than in-store. Many traditional retailers have also followed suit, with most shops now having a dedicated e-commerce website from which consumers can make online purchases, from high street brands to charities. Even brands which no longer exist on the high street are often available online.

It is no secret that most stores have a larger amount of stock online than at their physical locations. Due to the capacity of warehouses and the space constraints of local stores, you can often access a much larger range of products online, and search buttons make it even easier to find the products that you want in a minimal amount of time.

Being able to access more products from certain brands online is especially important if you live in a small town or in an area without a large local shopping area. Not only this, but many stores offer online exclusive items that are not available in stores, encouraging you to purchase specialist and limited edition items off the internet.

Sure, online shopping may be fast and easy but there’s always a catch, you never really know exactly what you’ll get until your order arrives. And oh boy, it can be a real hit-or-miss sometimes. That’s why you should always follow the golden rule of online shopping, if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably because it is.

People are sharing their worst online shopping fails and some of them are so bad, they’re hilarious. From tiny furniture to offensive t-shirts, check out the times people failed at online shopping in the gallery below!

Have you ever ordered something online and received something totally different?

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