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Here Is Guide to Minimum Tax For Businesses In Kenya

For every business person,profit maximization is one of the key objective of the aims of the business. This is usually achieved through minimization cost of production which tax is one of the pillar. This means a business person should be keen on tax rate at which he/she is paying the taxes to ensure he minimise on cost of production to increase his/her profit margins. The Kenya revenue authority of Kenya is however concerned about your businesses and you can consult them anytime through there website if you want to get more accurate information on taxes.

Here are the latest update on guidelines to minimum tax by the Kenya Revenue Authority. This guides gives you an avenue to evade un profitable costs.

Read them well to salvage your businesses and realize good profits during this hard times of covid 19 era.Thank you ..please comment for any requests on latest updates from the field you are concerned. HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY.

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