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Business Management analysis

Kinyozi Guys make more than roughly 900 shillings in a day.

Business is the only way one can use to succeed in life today. Even people who have good jobs and earn lucrative amounts invest in business just with an aim to get a profit.

Let's not sit back and shade tears that we are broke and their is no money. Money won't look for you where you are sitting and lamenting about the economy and your status of being broke.

We have to stretch and make efforts in order to bring something on the table. Life is not easy and you can't depend on somebody for your survival. Wake up very early in the morning and work, start a small business in your town.

Faith without action is dead it therefore means that as long as you pray to God to help you, you also need to work in order to get his blessings.

Many people despise these small business people start in towns like Kinyozi business. Some people provide for their family using these small business you despise.

Business is all about competition, providing good services to the customers and managing them well. Therefore don't fear investing in business due to competition. Competition in business is healthy and will make you work harder and improve on your services to your customers in order to maintain them.

Now shaving charges ranges depending with the style you want. There are those shaving styles that cost unto 250 and the lowest price an adult can shave his hair is 50 shillings.

A berber can not lack 20 customers in a day and among the 20 guys 15 can be youths and maybe 5 kids. Let's say that the you shaves at 50 shillings each and the kids 30 shillings each, this will add to 900 shillings a day.

If the guy saves only 300 shillings in a day then at the end of the month he will have save almost 9,000 shillings and this can help her investing in other business of his choice.

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