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Businesses In Kenya That Will Assure You A Daily Profit Of Not Less Than Ksh 4,000

1. A Bicycle Hiring Business.

Many have never got the idea of starting a bicycle hiring business not knowing that it is a gold mine that only needs a little starting capital. All you need to do is to visit a store selling ex-UK bicycles and purchase a number of them which retails at almost Ksh 8,000 a piece.

You then need to create a display in places such as University or college entrance and charge Ksh 60 for an hour.

If you have 10 bicycles, this will give you a total of Ksh600 an hour and this equates to almost Ksh5,000 in a day.

2. A Wines And Spirit Business.

Wines and spirits business is a gold mine but many floors this business with many terming it unreligious. For the few individuals who have ventured into this business, they have never regretted owning one.

A wines and spirits business is one you should run for as it appears in the list of businesses that will always assure you a minimum of Ksh5,000 profit daily.

3. A Hotel Business.

Have you ever thought of starting a hotel business? Have you ever thought of going without food for a whole day? This is the reason why this business will always assure a steady flow of customers and all you need to do is to maintain a good social relationship with them to win their trust.

The hotel business is a gold mine majorly when you locate it in a town centre. All you need is to fetch money to furnish a room and buy some essential equipment and utensils to start.

4. Pedicure and Manicure.

Manicure and pedicure is a business that will never disappoint you in urban centres considering its popularity. The ignorance of the people in the village towards beauty will never assure you a steady flow of customers.

Because you make a total of Ksh 1,000 from one customer, you will only need 5 customers a day to make a whooping Ksh5,000. On top of requiring a little capital to start, the business also requires a little skill to start.

5. Cosmetic shop.

Have you ever known that businesses that deal in selling ladies products never disappoint? A cosmetic shop has been known to be a good source of profit considering the low cost of purchasing goods on wholesale terms.

This considered, it is a business that requires little capital to start. This includes purchasing goods of high demand and re-selling them at a higher price thus making a profit.

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