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Good news as Amazon Web Worker finally resumes services tomorrow and this is how it's going to work.

It was very rough and unexpected ordeal for some Kenyans who invested their resources in this affiliate platform by the name Amazon Web worker. It was a promising scheme where people invest their money and earn daily cash by grabbing orders and get paid.

Shockingly, the scheme underwent some technical problems and eventually it shut down. Rumors went out claiming that the scheme was a scam and not real because the company attached to the scheme was not aware of the ongoing business.many people had lost there money from the scheme some loosing even more than 300k from the scheme.

Today, a notice was sent in its telegram account and it was all about restoration of the scheme and giving hopes to its members that there money will be returned tomorrow when the scheme officially resumes services tomorrow. Let's hope this will be a message of hope to our brothers and sisters who were affected.

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