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Benefits A Farmer Can Get From Sheep And Goat Rearing

Sheep and goat rearing project is one of the best agricultural project a farmer can initiate and get good income. This is because these two types of animals can survive well in any place in Kenya provided that you provide them with little animal feeds and the necessary medications.

Sheep and goat rearing is also advantageous since you don't have to spend lot of money buying animal feeds and they don't not need reqular check ups, therefore you will not spend a lot of money on buying medication, animal feeds and hiring a vetenary doctor.

You can decide to rear the type of sheep that will provide you the both wool and meat since this will give you a double profit. When you sell your wool you will generate a good amount of money and also when you sell your sheep. The price of wool varies depending with the company you are selling to and the quantity of wool you are selling to them.

Goats also produce both milk and meat and therefore they can also generate for you a good income when you sell your milk or your goat to those who deal with Mbuzi Choma hotels among other things.

To Start this type of agriculture you need roughly 50,000 shillings which you will use to buy your sheep and goats. You can buy young ones since this will give an advantage of making a good income when you sell your sheep and goats at their mature age.

With 50,000 shillings use 10,000 shillings to construct a good structure where you will be keeping your livestock. Then the remaining amount you can use to buy the best species of sheep and goats you may prefer to buy.

If you buy young ones wait for something like 1 to 2 years before you start selling them, if you start selling them after those years you will make a good income on each sell you make.

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