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What Hawkers And Other Businessmen In Nairobi Are Reported Doing That's Is Risking Lives Of People

Businesses conducting their daily activities in Nairobi are reported to have developed a new move on the highways in Nairobi. Different business owners are reported to have neglected areas designated for carrying out business activities. They have colonized sections of various highways in Nairobi where they are now conducting their daily businesses.

Photo: Courtesy (Ceramics placed along a pedestrian pavement).

According to relevant information shared by Ma3Route today, the businessmen in Nairobi are now conducting their activities along sections of the roads designated for pedestrians and cyclists.

The new move by hawkers and other businessmen is said to be more rampant along Ngong' main road. They are trading along the cycling paths. The county government of Nairobi led by His Excellency governor Johnson Sakaja should help drive out the businessmen trading along the designated pedestrian and cycling paths.

Photo: Courtesy ( Construction Concrete laid along the pedestrian walkway).

The traders should be removed from such points because they are putting the lives of pedestrians and cyclists. The pedestrians and cyclists in Nairobi are now forced to compete for the little space available with motorists.

Photo: Courtesy (Outdoor hotel located along cycling path).


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