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Stock investment

How To Invest Money In Your 20's and 30's

1.) Invest in increasing your income. If you could make more money and increase your income, you will get more money to invest. Instead of worrying too much about getting the maximum return,try investing in yourself, your talents and skills. You will always get the maximum return by investing in yourself.

2.) Going to different networking functions. Develop your network and expand your contact list because your network equals to your net worth.

3.) Focus on the big 3: Business, stocks and real estate. Most wealthiest people's portfolio have this three things. This is because most successful people have either created their wealth from or they now hold them in this three categories. But it is important to invest in something that you understand , take sometime to learn and understand it.

4.) Have Financial plans. There are three:

a.) Get rich certainty. This is a plan that you know for sure that it doesn't matter what you do, your business owner or who you are working for but as long as you make money. Everyone should also have a loose side business like investing in low cost index fund for the future.

b.) Get rich smart. This is an active form of investing. The more skills you have the more money you will earn.

c.) Get rich fast. This is another form of active investments. When you put alot of risks in whatever you will be investing in even if it produces little profits you are good. You are always a risk taker when it comes to making more money and achieving your goals.

Thank you and share.

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