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The Alarming Cost of Living due to Upsurge in Fuel Prices

Fuel is one of the factors of production. If increased then this will translate into a direct increase in cost of production. This will result to lowering the standard of living and making Kenyans live from hand to mouth since the may not afford securing some basic commodities especially foodstuffs. I have noted some members of parliament blaming others and yet they passed the bill and recommended for more tax to be realised soon. It is very unfortunate that they care less about us the common mwananchi since their vehicles are fueled by government and the bill is on our taxes. However, The speaker of the national assembly has urged them that once they resume on 21/09/2021 that should be the major concern. They should focus on lowering fuel taxes. Once this is done am sure the public will not experience or expect the heavy burden of cost of living.

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