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Country With The Best SGR In East Africa, Kenya Or Tanzania


Tanzania use electric locomotives. An electric locomotive is powered by electricity from the overhead lines, a third rail or on board energy storage such as a battery or supercapacitor.  

Tanzanian electric locomotives could reach up to the speed of 160 miles per hour. Tanzania SGR total cost is 7.5 billion dollar. The project got a partial loan from standard chartered bank for a 1.46 billion dollar to finance the construction of the first and the second phase of the project. The remaining part of 7.5 billion dollar project to be financed by the government of Tanzania.

Tanzanian sgr first phase is from Dar Salam to Morogoro, a section measuring 300 kilometers. The second phase is from Morogoro to Dodoma and onward to Makutupora. It measures 426 kilometers and when completed the whole project will be 1800 kilometers long. 


Kenya SGR use diesel locomotives. These are the type of railroad locomotives in which the prime mover is a diesel engines. Kenyan diesel locomotives could go up to 120 miles per hour.

The project cost of the first phase of sgr from Mombasa to Nairobi was financed by China Exim Bank. The reminder of the project course was funded by Kenyan government.

Kenya sgr first phase measures 609 kilometers and it is known as Mombasa Nairobi standard gauge railway. It connects the port city of Mombasa and the largest city of Kenya. The second phase which is 120 kilometers from Nairobi to Naivasha had some funding problems and it is yet to be completed. The total length of the whole project is 729 kilometers.

Which country do you think has the best SGR?

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