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Price of Aircraft Tyres in Kenya Shillings, Also How These Gigantic Tyres are Made

The aviation industry takes the safety of the flying experience very seriously. And when it comes to safety, aircraft tires within the landing gear systems play an important role in ensuring smooth and safe aircraft operation. Landing gear systems help absorb the shock of landing and provide the necessary traction for breaking and stopping the aircraft. This article will highllight how these gigantic aircraft tires manage the landing impact and the meticulous process of maintaining these wheels to ensure optimal functioning and their price range in Kenyan Shillings. Let's get started.

Unlike car tires, aircraft tires are made to withstand a very high intact force t extremely high landing speed without exploding. Their manufacturers achieve this by using toughened rubber in the manufacturing process. The rubber is reinforced to enhance the tensile strength needed during rapid expansion experienced upon touchdown, taxing, braking, and acceleration on the runway. The tires undergo a strict inspection for faults and damages after landing and before taking off. Aircraft tires are filled with nitrogen instead of the normal air used in car tires. The reason for using nitrogen is that at higher altitudes, temperatures are extremely low to the levels that normal air could freeze and deflate the tire, pausing a danger during landing. Nitrogen has a very low boiling point, and therefore however low the temperatures get, the tires will still maintain the required pressure for a safe landing.

There are dozens of aircraft tire manufacturers globally, and they market their products differently depending on the manufacturing cost, the material used, and market competition. The tires are also priced depending on the size, type of aircraft, and operational parameter ratings, among many other factors. However, one certain thing is that aircraft tires are expensive. Taking the Boeing &87 Dream liner as our example, we find that its tire is 54 inches high and 20 inches wide. Its tires are also made to withstand over 255 tons, and as such, they are very expensive. So whether it's for commercial aviation, military, or general aviation, these tires cost between $15 and $5500. In Kenyan Shillings, we are talking of Ksh 1,736.00 to Ksh 636,625.00 on the current exchange rate. There you have it!

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