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The Cost of Starting a Profitable Bar and Restaurant, Wines and Spirits Business In Kenya

There are plenty of business opportunities in Kenya which we Kenyans can commence and start getting some good amount of money at the end of the day. Despite that there are many graduands in Kenya who are jobless, we should not always wait for white collar jobs. We should always have a business oriented mind ready to take risks and try our lack on each gainful sector around the world.Therefore, the following are some of the many moneymaking business opportunities in Kenya.

Opening a Bar and Restaurant business - This is one of the most lucrative business to operate as an individual. In this business, you only require an operating business which costs between Ksh 10000 to Ksh 50000 depending on how large your business is. With a license, you just require to find a busy place and rent a house which or an open place where you will be operating in. You can start your bar with some few bear products to taste what you customers want and from there enlarge your business. The following is the breakdown of what you may require ;

1.Trading license - Ksh 50000

2.Rent - Ksh 20000

3 Furniture - Ksh 50000

4.Expenditure of your products - Ksh 80000

5.pumping machine - Ksh 15000

It will cost you around Ksh 150000 to begin a small precious club business. Regardless of this, a bar and restaurant business combined may require a startup capital of upto Ksh 250000 as per the breakdown above.

Wines and spirit business - This is another thriving business in Kenya where people are making lucrative investments and profits each and every day. Remember to always get an operating license which sets as an agreement to commence a business in Kenya. According to Mr Phillips, owner of Simba wines&spirits, with a startup cost of Ksh 70000 you're good to go in your business.

As a person, you should always remember that, hard work plus commitment will always put your business in a better place for thriving under all the circumstances.In this business, you can Make a profit of upto Ksh 5000 per day.

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