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Most Used English Abbreviation on Social Media That You Have To Know

Abbreviations are part of life. You have to know as they facilitate communication when one need to pass fast information. From medical words to common words. Many people uses short forms of words to pass information. For instance, abbr. For abbreviation, Mr. for Mister among others.

We have various forms of abbreviation, also we can use acronym for easy remembrance. For instance, FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation). This can be considered as acronym.

These abbreviation are mostly used everyday to facilitate communication. Even you test yourself if you know them.

1. PM/AM stands for Post 'Meridiem' and ' Ante Meridiem'. We use this abbreviation to indicate after and before midday respectively.

2.TGIF. This abbreviation is mostly sung by workers and it is used to stand for Thank God it's Friday. 

3. ASAP. As soon as possible. For instance," kindly inbox your name ASAP."

4. PIN. Used to stand for Personal Identification Number. This is special number used to indetify someone.

5. AKA. Also Known As. Used after the first nick name is called. For instance, "This is Nicki AKA Wachira.

6.ATM. It is used to stand for 'Automated Teller Machine.' Special machine used to withdraw money from bank account

7. LOL. Laughing out loud. Also this is most used abbreviations.

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