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Things You Didn't Know About The Late Ambassador Orie Rogo Manduli As Her Final Journey Ends

The late Ambassador Orie Rogo Manduli stood out as a vocal and unique woman in the society. She used to do her things in her own way.

We will live to remember her for her outstanding personality and choosing to do things in her own special way, different from others.

The late Orie Rogo had a strong love for her culture. This has been proved during her final send-off at her home.

In her home, there is one strange thing that has shocked many mourners. This is the table where guests are writing their condolence messages wherever they visit the home.

We are used to seeing such tables filled with flowers and candles but for the Orie Rogo's case, the table is strange yet unique.

The late Orie Rogo's table is filled with the following items:

1. Sugarcane

On top of the condolence table, there are two stalks of sugarcane placed across the picture of young Orie Rogo Manduli. The sugarcane symbolises her love for farming. Orie Rogo had a huge parcel of land in Kitale, where she would plant crops like sugarcane and maize yearly.

2. A shoe

There is a black heel placed on the table. This signifies her love for fashion.

3. Sunglasses

Orie Rogo used not to appear anywhere if she's not in black sunglasses neatly lying beneath her head gear. Her love for the sunglasses has been now depicted in her final send off.

4. Turkana stool - Ekicholong

The stool shows the love that the late Ambassador had towards the African culture.

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