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2 Simple Businesses That Will Give You Much Profit

Farming is the best business idea that anyone can ever think of, long time ago many people started farming only for food, especially in countries such as Egypt, because by then people knew too little about business. They would farm and later on keep their farm produce in their granaries only for food.

Today there some business ideas that I would like to share with you concerning farming, this is especially for those who have farms or are living in rural areas because they are the ones who are more favourable to do farming. Here is a list of those business ideas.

1. Sukuma wiki farming.

Sukuma wiki has been in existence for many years now, in Kenya today almost all food market have these kales because it has been our tradition to plant and sell them. Sukuma wiki are simply prepared by either being boiled or fried in a sufuria.

Starting to farm these kales will guarantee you less effort, long time ago farmers would just cut their branches and then stick them in holes, then cover them with soil. That is if you go to rural areas is when you will have an opportunity to see such a thing because there is where this kind of farming are common.

With the advancement in technology, today there are more improved seeds which are all weather. If you go to town centers you will find them, you should try them because they are made to resist drought and crop diseases and therefore they will give you much profit.

2. Cabbage farming.

Many people have been eating fried cabbage for a long time now, actually in many countries like Kenya, the ministry of health recommends that people should take cabbage more often because they add water to the body. They work by hydrating our bodies whenever we eat them.

Start farming cabbage today and you will see a difference in your life. People will be flocking at your place in order to buy them because they are scarce and the demand is very high, so you will get high revenue.

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