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Ahmednasir Compares Food Prices Between Previous Government And The Current Government.

Ahmednasir who is among top lawyers in Kenya and one of Kenya kwanza allies today tweeted on his twitter page that 2 kilos of maize flour was shs 350 six months ago under the Handshake Govt today it is shs 179. Cooking oil was kshs 2500 six months ago under the Handshake Government today it's shs1149 and Hon Raila wants to riot/destroy on Monday because prices have dropped. madness.

Mara 2Kg was costing KSh250, 230,now this one is outrageously and sensationally claiming 350. Can UDA guys meet and agree on the correct lie to sell out here? Have some constant and reasonable figure please. People need to understand inflation is a worldwide phenomenon so Kenya is not from another planet, there are many factors that effect them like the economy or political temperature of the country!

Reality is, the government has no hand in it . Sellers had to reduce the prices and profits coz of low demand because as a result of unaffordability. You will have to learn how market forces works.

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