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Flourishing and profitable businesses that require little capital to start in year 2022

Many individuals have struggled on starting businesses without failure. Some have argued that one can only start a flourishing business by investing heavely. Nonetheless, one can start flourishing businesses with very little cash. Here are five businesses that can be started with little amount of money.

1. Fruit vending and juice making- one can start the business with little amount of fruits and a blender. Also, one can include sugarcane or mango chopping.

2. Plastic container sale- Here, one can buy containers which can be used in packing or putting different fluids including paraffin, or petrol.

3. Kienyeji chicken rearing- The business requires one to buy a few hens and a cock. After two months, the chicks can hatch and turn the business into a profit making avenue.

4.Sale of masks and hand sanitizers-In the midst of COVID-19, masks and sanitizers are daily requirements for every Kenyan. Therefore, one can buy in wholesale and re-sell at a profit.

5. Sale of 'mutura' and soup- The ingredients required for making the two are relatively cheap. One can win customers and make good money

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