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With 200k in Kenya here are 7 profitable business opportunities you can venture into

Running a business here in Kenya has and will always be a great alternative, considering that there are minimal formal job opportunities.

In this article, we will be looking at the best businesses to start with 200k in Kenya.

1. Bakery Business

Any entrepreneur in Kenya knows too well that you can never go wrong with food in Kenya. It’s no secret that Kenyans love food, so a bakery business is one of the most lucrative businesses to start here in Kenya. 

One of the secrets to having a thriving bakery business is identifying the ideal location. You want a place where many people pass by your shop every day. You also want a location where it is convenient for many households, so they can come and buy freshly baked bread and baked products anytime. 

The start-up cost of starting a bakery business is not as much as people would think. You can get your baking equipment, the required permits and licenses, and rent a shop with Ksh 200,000. 

2. Cyber Café

Another profitable business to start with 200k in Kenya is a cyber café. Nowadays, Kenyans across the country are regularly searching for photocopying, printing, laminating and other internet services. 

According to experts, an excellent place to set up a cyber café could be where many people need your services regularly, like university and college students. And, you can make a profit of between Ksh. 5000 to Ksh. 150,000 in a month.

Obtaining the necessary equipment like printing and photocopying machines, and a strong internet connection and the required permits and licenses shouldn’t cost you over 200,000. 

3. Grocery and Cereal Store 

Like I mentioned before, you can never go wrong with a food-related business in Kenya. Starting a grocery and cereal store is one of the best businesses since most households rely on these food items on a daily basis. 

However, for you to have a thriving grocery and cereals store, you have to identify a place where you get fresh supplies of vegetables, fruits, and groceries to keep your customers coming back for more. 

Getting your supplies, renting a shop, and obtaining the required permits and licenses like the health license should cost you Ksh. 200k or even less. And according to most grocery store owners, you can get a profit of about Ksh. 5000 in a day. 

4. M-PESA Agent Business

People all over the country send, receive, and engage in other mobile money transaction activities daily, so starting a mobile transfer business can also be a great idea. 

Like the other business ideas we have mentioned earlier, location plays a very important role in the success of your mobile money transfer business. 

An M-PESA agent is one of the most common mobile money transfer businesses in Kenya. So, whether you would like to start an M-PESA standard outlet or a sub-dealer outlet, all its start-up requirements shouldn’t cost you more than Ksh. 200,000. 

5. Wine and Spirits Business

This is also a very profitable business idea, especially now that the government has set COVID-19 restrictions on how long alcohol outlets should stay open, so most people prefer drinking at home. 

Getting your supply of liquor and other alcoholic beverages, renting a shop, and obtaining all the required permits and licenses will cost at least Ksh. 200,000. 

6. Cosmetics Shop

It’s no secret that most ladies in Kenya are always searching for skin and hair care products that will make both their hair and skin look healthier and more appealing, so starting a cosmetics shop is also a great business idea. 

One of the secrets to having a successful cosmetics shop is knowing what your potential customers want. You can research on the beauty products that are popular and stock them in your shop. 

Getting your beauty product supplies, obtaining the required licenses and permits, and renting a shop can cost you at least Ksh. 200k. And in a good day, you can make a profit of approximately Ksh.5000. 

7. Butchery Business

Kenyans are known for loving meat, so a butchery is considered as one of the best businesses to start with 200k in Kenya. 

One way to increasing your profits is by identifying a cheap and reliable supplier. For instance, finding a supplier who sells you meat at about Ksh.200 per kilo and you sell at Ksh.300 brings you a profit of Ksh.100. If you sell ten kilos of meat in a day, you will walk away with a profit of Ksh.10,000 daily. 

You should also take time to identify a location where many people are likely to buy your meat every day. 

Getting your meat supply and other necessary equal like freezers and display counters, obtaining the required permits and licenses, and renting a shop can cost you about Ksh.200,000.

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