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This Country's Economy Is Very Different

You probably never heard of a country called Tuvalu. Well, this is a tiny island nation located in the pacific ocean. The country gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1978.

It is one of the smallest countries, with only 26 square kilometres, in comparison, Nairobi county is 27 times bigger. The capital city is called Funafuti. The country has a measly population of about 11,646 people.

This country is so remote that it sees only three flights a week. Fiji Airways is the only airline to fly to this country. It costs about 800 US dollars for a return ticket from Nadi, Fiji, to Tuvalu, which is quite expensive. This country is so small and remote that when the airport is not used for flights the runway is turned into a playing field.

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You too might be wondering how this tiny country makes its money. Well, the interesting thing is that unlike most nations that rely on agriculture, manufacturing, finance or Tourism. Tuvalu earns its money from the sale of fishing licences to foreign fishing ships. The interesting earner for this country is the ownership of the top-level domain name .Tv. The country earns around 2-3 million US dollars from the registration of this domain to different websites. This amounts to almost 10% of the GDP, the rest comes from fishing.

Unfortunately for this island nation, it will disappear in the coming years, due to the rising ocean levels. The situation is already bad as the airport tends to flood with water during the high tide.

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