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Thriving small businesses you can start with less than KShs 10,000 during this coronavirus season

Some of the businesses went down during this covid 19 pandemic. Ever since Covid 19 overwhelmed our country some of our people lost jobs, some businesses were shut down while as other entrepreneurs got a chance to thrive in to the business

Drive-in movie theaters: big movie theaters were closed ever since the pandemic came simply because they allow hundreds of people to gather in small spaces, drive-in theaters grew because they only allow people to take in a show from their own personal car and provide a way for families to get out of the house. Owners of the drive-in theaters told the u.s times recently they had increased in light of the virus.

Greengrocery: this is one of the most lucrative businesses that most Kenyans consider engaging in while in the middle class. Some green groceries decide to offer goods by the roadsides when the owners lost their jobs. Most of them normally use their cars and crates to display their products to potential buyers. They offer products which are fresh from the farm with some really flexible and reasonable prices. They get their products from either the farm if they can reach the farmers or others normally wake up as early as 3.30 am to get their products from the suppliers who are believed to have sourced their products directly from the farmers. The cheapest place you can get these products is the Muthurwa market in Nairobi or kirigiti market. You have to be an early bird so that you can get the freshest products at fair prices and also to secure parking for your car before it gets crowded with cars.

Eggs and Smokies vendors: this is one of the businesses that the Kenyan youth are running into and getting really some good profits from it. For you to become a sausages vendor you need to have the trolley, umbrella, dishes, a spoon, knife, and some eggs and smokies. They tend to set their business where they can have a reach of so many people like in the matatu stages and the markets or outside the supermarkets. A tray of eggs is wholesaling from 270-300shs, smokies are wholesaling at 315shs 22 pieces, when you sell the eggs you get a double profit since you get a single egg at 10 from the wholesale and sell it at 2shs. Same to the smokies you get double profits.

Cooking chapattis from the streets: cooking chapattis from the streets has been embraced by men formally but nowadays ladies are taking up the challenge and they are really earning from that hustle. A packet of flour is retailing at 129shs while as for the oil its retails at 175 per liter one can start this business with only one packet of flour and half a liter of cooking oil which is around 8 shs. So a total of 500 will get you a whole capital to start working since you will also need a jiko or a burner. One packet of flour produces 60 chapattis which are 1200 bob if you are selling your chapattis at 20 bobs per piece. Youths let's engage ourselves in these odd businesses as others call them and start enjoying the lucrative profits we get from them.


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