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Amount You Will Pay For Using Atwoli's ' Alaa, Alaaa, Alaaa' as He Claims He Owns Exclusive Rights

If the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary General receives a trademark application, you may soon have to obtain permission from or pay Mr Francis Atwoli to use the exclamations "alaa", "alaaa", and "alaaaa" for branding reasons.

It has been revealed that Atwoli filed an application with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (Kipi) to license the three words that make up his name.

Atwoli, according to the newest Kipi Journal, wants exclusive use of the phrases which he frequently utters in apparel, footwear, and headgear."A trade mark is a symbol used to identify the items of a commercial or industrial firm, or a collection of such enterprises.

According to Kipi's website, the sign may consist of one or more distinctive works, letters, numbers, drawings or pictures, monograms, signatures, colors or a combination of colors, monograms, signatures, colors or a combination of colors.

Atwoli, the Cotu boss since 2001, is boisterous and hard-hitting, seldom finishing an off-the-cuff statement without blurting out "alaa" and even "shenzi."

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