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Price of Bread Goes up Again

The price of bread has increased by 5 to 8 shillings again in a bid by producers to pass the ever rising price of wheat to the consumers. Households are gripped with the harsh economic times and basic commodities are basically going up price-wise.

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In January, the price had gone up by the same margin but manufacturers were stiff-armed to lower them due to the competition from supermarkets. The supermarkets' in-house bread retailed at the usual price and the five shilling increase by manufacturers like Broadway's had to come down.

Bread vendor. Picture courtesy of Nation.

Superloaf bread is now going for 55 shillings up from its usual 50 shilling mark for a 400g loaf. Up to 100 shillings from 92, is 800 grammes of the favorite Festive bread.

34,240 shillings is now the price of a tonne of wheat, up from last year's price of 25,300 shillings. Increase in price of other ingredients in bread is what has culminated to this moment.

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