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Investment In Livestock Pay Double Profit

Livestock keeping is an unknown investment to many in the twenty-first century.

It is necessarily that you rear a large number but you can start with only three young bulls.

However, one young bull is approximately fifteen thousands Kenya shillings.

Therefore If one bull is fifteen thousand to mean four bulls is equal to sixty thousand Kenya shillings(sh 15000 multiply by 4 is equal to sh 60, 000)

Maintenance needs no struggle. Since you should only spray thrice a month. This will safeguard your livestock from external parasites.

In addition, deworming should be done after every two months and by doing so you are preventing internal parasites.

Keep on maintenance for only eight months as you inject meat booster vaccines that will ensure vigorous body development.

After one year elapsed each bull will guarantee you double or even thrice profit of sh 25,000 each multiply by four equal to sh 100,000 plus actual price is the same as sh 160,000.

This is a real investment to everyone who need to make direct profit from livestock investment.

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