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No job? How to make 'Mabuyu' and start a small business.

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Mabuyu is a type of candy made from the seeds of the Baobab tree fruit. It is commonly known as "Mbuyu" hence the name Mabuyu, The candy is common in the coastal regions in Kenya. It is available in various flavours ranging from chilli, strawberry to vanilla and blackcurrant. The traditional colour is red but can be prepared in many different colours.

They are sold in packets depending on the quantity ranging from sh5 to sh50 and can be a great source of income especially to stay at home mums and college students.



1/4 kg mabuyu/baobab





Food colour



1.In a cooking pan, add in water, sugar, a pinch of salt, cardamon powder, food colour and put on heat.

2. Let the mixture come to a boil till large bubbles form and the texture is sticky.

3. Now add in the baobab seeds and mix well vigorously for 2 min until the seeds are well blended with the sugar mixture.

4. Remove from heat and start adding in the powder bit by bit while mixing until seeds are well coated.

5. Pour the seeds on a clean flat surface and let them rest for a while.

6. Pack in containers of your choice

Below is a video tutorial:

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