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How video gaming is generating billions to the Kenyan economy

The video gaming industry was a young industry in kenya.Though various start-up companies have appeared in the country since 2007, the existing businesses are dealing with funding issues and great successes have been made. However, shared spaces have supported programs and government grants introduced over the past few years have allowed the industry to grow large in a short period of time.

Currently the worth of the gaming industry is an estimated Sh13.9 billion in kenya, And the video gaming industry is expected to grow to about Sh16.8bn in value by 2023, based on projections by global consumer data platform Statista. There is at least one e-sports studio in every neighbourhood in Kenya today, as the number gamers, mostly teenagers and young adults, bulges. 

Every time you use mobile data to download a game to play on your phone, every minute spent online playing and every coin spent to purchase an e-sport or gaming merchandise pushes the industry’s revenue up.But just how did gaming’s fortunes hit these mouthwatering levels? What factors are propelling the growth?

A fairly well developed e-sports infrastructure, strong internet penetration across the country and multi-million investments by local and international entrepreneurs to thank, gaming in Kenya enjoys all the necessary propellers for growth.There’s also a growing number of gaming companies in Kenya. Pro Series Gaming (PSG) is one of the largest in the country. PSG hosts weekly gaming tournaments for mobile, PC and console where hundreds of gaming enthusiasts participate.

On any given day, its online site hums with activity, as players register, make tournament bookings and play. It’s also marketplace where various gaming merchandise such as sweatshirts and t-shirts are sold.Thus growing the business faster than any other country in east africa.kindly leave your comments below.

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