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KPLC Announces Important Changes to The Token Purchase Notifications

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has announced major changes in the token purchase procedure. According to a statement by the company, the token purchase message will now portray fewer details as opposed to the previous messages which came with a detailed list of all the deductions.

The previous purchase messages from the company entailed tax charges, fuel charges, the forex charge, Energy and Petroleum Authority and inflation adjustments. but this new format will only contain tokens, date of purchase, number of units, and the amount of money spent.

KPLC stated that the decision was after a survey conducted by the company revealed that a section of Kenyans deemed the many details to be very unnecessary.

Despite enacting this change, Kenya Power stated that anyone wishing you see their full statement should use the *977# USSD. In defense of the previous messaging format, KPLC said that they saw it necessary to highlight to Kenyans how their cash is spent. With the increasing cost of electricity, the breakdown in deductions provided a good explanation of what had inclined or changed.

The company's top official also explained that the current increase in power cost is attributed to the deteriorating Kenyan Shilling against the US Dollar

Though the changes have been received differently by different Kenyans as some now see that there will be minimal transparency in the cost with this creating a loophole corruption.

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