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2 Simple Businesses That You Should Start This Year.

There are some simple businesses that have high profit than we can ever imagine, if in this era you are still broke, then you have only yourself to blame. In Kenya today many businesses are booming because of the people love doing business as a career. How do you identify best business ideas? That is what we are going to share today in this article.

1. Selling toys.

Babies loves toys, for a very long time now this business has been known to have a high profit margin in Kenya, this is because when a baby wants a toy he or she will cry until you buy it even if you don’t want, how do you start this business? All you need is to buy them at a wholesale price and then resell them at a profit.

Toys make young children to laugh or be silent, so when your baby always crys a lot, all you need is to go to your nearest town center and buy one, this is because in town center you will find them at a cheaper price compared to the streets. How to set up the business is also simple if you want to start this business all you need is to get a room and parade all if your toys.

2. Operating a cyber cafe.

This business operates well in certain places like near university, or a busy place. For a long time, the business had been on well until recently, the reason why this business had deteriorated some is because of the introduction of the much better and powerful electronic devices like smartphone, but this business still is in place. How to set up this business is very simple, all you need to do is to buy a computer and a printer, then look for a business rental place near a busy institution like college or university.

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