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How To Build a Good House With Less Than 400,000 Shillings

It's a good feeling to own a home, somewhere you can go to at the end of the day. There are very many people who live in good houses in the city but when you go to the village, they lack a house. Building a good house may not be that hard as many may think. With less than 400,000 shillings you can make your dream come true. I have come up with a simple budget to help you construct a good simple home, check it below;

Stones for foundation- Ksh 3,000

Sand- 6 tones - Ksh 7000

Wallpass(4 rolls)-Ksh 3000

Bricks 25,000 ( 2500 blocks)

Cement- 60 bags

Roofing Sheets plus nails- Ksh 45,000

Timber- Ksh 40,000

Windows- Estimated Ksh 12,000

Labour-Ksh 35,000

Ceiling- Ksh 14,000

Window panes- Ksh 10,000

Those are some of the materials you need to come up with a better family home. Please share and comment.

Content created and supplied by: BenDanish (via Opera News )

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