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The Price Of A Koko Cooker And How Much It Costs To Refill A Canister

Currently, everyone is looking for a way to reduce their expenditures in Kenya. Several people are talking about the upcoming election for the upsurge in living costs and believe that the costs will reduce once the elections are done. However, this might not be the case as many factors are causing the upsurge in living costs in Kenya.

Currently, some Kenyans are looking for the best alternative for gas cylinders as the price of refilling them is set to rise. The best alternative for LPG in Kenya is charcoal, electricity and ethanol.

Among the three, most Kenyans have shown more interest in ethanol cookers. This is because ethanol is much cheaper and less sooty compared to charcoal. The most popular ethanol cooker in Kenya is the Koko cooker.

The Koko cooker was introduced into the Kenyan market a few months back and it has proven to be successful. Even though it is not cheap compared to LPG, it might be more economical if the price of refilling gas cylinders increases.

A Koko cooker costs about 4500 Kenya shillings and to refill a Koko canister costs about 197 Kenyan shillings. If you cook about 3 meals a day, one canister will last about 2 to 3 days hence you might spend about Ksh 450 per week while using ethanol.

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