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Some of THe 5 Richest Companies In The World And Their Worth (PHOTOS)

There are different ways experts use to determine the value of companies around the world, one of them being market capitalization also known as market cap in stock market. Therefore in this article we are going to look at five richest companies in the world. These companies are known to be successful and most of their founders are also among the world's richest people.

Thus below are the richest companies in the world;

1. Apple Inc (2.4 Trillion USD)

Industry: Electronics, Information Technology

Products: Mobile Phones, iPod, Personal Computer and Tables.

2. Microsoft (2.14 Trillion USD)

Industry: Software Development, Information Technology, Consumer Electronics.

Products: Windows, Operating System, Microsoft Office, Xbox, Search Engine.

3. Saudi Aramco (1.86 Trillion USD)

Industry: Oil and gas production, refining

Products: Crude Oil, Natural gas and Petrochemical derivatives.

4. Alphabet (1.8 Trillion USD)

Industry: Internet, Software Services

Products: Operating System, Search Engine, Mobile Phone.

5. Amazon (1.68 Trillion USD)

Industry: Retail Business, E commerce, Artificial Intelligence.

Products: Software, Kindle, Fire TV, Echo.


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Apple Inc Microsoft Trillion


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