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Good News to 'Ugali' Lovers in Kenya as a New High Yielding Maize Variety Introduced

It is indeed a time to smile for the corn farmers in Kenya. This comes at a time when a new maize variety has been introduced. The recent news on lifting a ban on the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in some foods by the government shocked some farmers across the country. But upon adapting this new variety it can give some relieve.

This maize variety H532 is high yielding and and it should be distributed across the country especially to those counties where maize is grown commercially to cushion on the pitting hunger.

Safeguarding household food security starts from the proper selection of certified seeds. Kenya Seed company has done a tremendous job in research towards introducing new seeds varieties not only for maize but also for other crops.

Locally, farmers had preferred planting short season yellow corn to help during the dry season. Drought in Kenya has of late reached a level of international concern. Maize farmers are therefore urged to be vigilant in matters seed selection.

The Kenyan Red cross, international community and all the stakeholders concern should take an initiative and train the farmers on the adoption of certified seeds and guide them on the possible changes in the season. Varieries that suit the season should also be advised.

Corn planting zones which includes western Kenya, some parts of Rift valley and Central Kenya should be in the limelight and in the front line towards adopting this new maize variety.

Maize is consumed largely in Kenya as 'ugali' and it is one of the stable food all along. Therefore, the solution to hunger does not necessarily comes from lifting the ban on "GMO" but adopting new high yielding varieties.

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