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The Main Reason Why Bank Notes Are Fitted With Security Threads

Security threads on bank notes were first used in 1940, in Bank of England. This was meant to counter attempts by Nazi Germany to flood the country with counterfeits. This feature has evolved to become one of the most successful and innovative ways to secure banknotes.

Security threads combine high public recognition value and aesthetic appeal. It also enhances machine-readability and cost efficiency. However the main use of the threads is to prevent counterfeit currency. The technology has been adopted by over 95% of countries across the globe.

The most popular thread technology is the wide windowed thread. It perfoms colour shift and diffraction. Holographic threads enjoys high public acceptance. They communicate information to the observer viewing the banknote through transmitted light. Through this, cashiers and bankers can easily detect counterfeit currency from original notes without necessarily looking at other features. Always be careful to check on the threads to avoid fake currency.

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