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Riches made in the WRC

Over the weekend Kenyans were privileged to host the World Rally Championship. And in typical Kenyan style, Kenyans seized the opportunity to make some money while being entertained. Here's what was shared in Just_Ivy's Instagram stories.

One follower confessed to having made close to Ksh.180, 000 in smokie and samosa sales. This mover prepared these snacks from the comfort of a friend's home in Naivasha. The friend's mom even helped with the cooking. Each individual in the venture walked away with sh.60,000 after expenses.

Another person sold purified water on Saturday and made sh.13,000.One family made sh.100,000 in sales. This is after attending the event with a pick-up full of water, sodas, and beer. Talking about drinks, alcohol was in plenty.

One person said that their friends sold basic drinks like Gin, Whisky, and Vodka and made more than sh.150,000 throughout the weekend. Another follower said that he/she was helped by a friend to procure drinks at a wholesale price in Nairobi. From there they hired a car and tagged 2 other friends along to help with the distribution. This investment cost sh.45,000. However, they made slightly over sh.200,000. This is after deducting the buying price, accommodation, and fun money. what a killing, don't you agree?

On seeing that no business permit was required to operate during the rally one lady and her friend decided to sell eggs and smokies. The lowest price being ksh.50 per egg. This price was set based on the outwards appearance of the buyer. This lady made up to Ksh. 40,000 during this event from the smokies and eggs. This industrious duo did not stop there. They assisted a family friend in selling a traditional brew,'muratina', during the event. This family friend is said to have made sh.150,000 in sales. From which the ladies earned an extra sh.20,000.

Other ventures.

A lady shared that her husband sold plots of land worth sh.12 million during the event. This brilliant man had deployed a team that went around marketing the plots. His expenses on the sales team were sh.200,000 only. This included the team's lunch and accommodation during the event. These sales are said to have been from the spectators' general section. More to that the lady and her husband made many new contacts in the VVIP section. Talk about networking.

More on real estate, another follower sold land for sh.8 million during the event.

Other activities in the event include models who were paid sh.5,000 per day, rally car drivers who were paid sh.12,000 per day, travel agency jobs that were booking clients for the WRC. One travel agent made sh.100,000 during the event and topped up by selling alcohol. This travel agent shared their remorse in being sold out within 4 hours of arriving at the event. Another travel agent made sh.25, 000 on commission from vehicle and hotel bookings.

Outside the box ventures during the WRC.

One mover said to have made sh.150,000 from flatbed towing. Another mover hired 100 tents at sh.1,000 each and rented them at ksh.2500 each. A third follower rented out steel barriers for crowd control. This follower and her husband made sh. 70,000.

Talk about a successful weekend! What were you up to during the WRC?

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