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Simple Hustle You Can Start And Earn Good Cash In Just Three Months

With the current economic situation in the country, many people are jobless wondering what they can venture into to make some cash. Their are so many hustles that you can start by yourself and earn a good income. Some of these hustles can be done with both those who are learned and those who are not learned. Commitment is the main virtue required.

Chicken rearing is a small hustle that can earn good cash in the country if one is committed to the hustle. The demand for chicken meat and eggs is currently high and it keeps on rising with the increasing population.

One chicken goes for about Ksh.600 to Ksh.800 and sometimes 1k depending with the size. Chicks take approximately three months to reach maturity and for this reason, you can salvage cash about four times a year. Starting a chick rearing hustle requires a little capital as compared to other hustles and if carefully tended to, they will generate a great income.

Chicken rearing requires quite a lot of attention but once they are grown, you will enjoy your effort. It can help you grow a bigger business and become your own boss. If you need tips on how to rear chicken follow and ask me questions in the comment section.

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