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10 Low Investments Businesses with High Profits in Kenya

Are you seeking for a viable business concept to help you stay afloat? In this article, I've compiled a list of 10 practical small ideas that have the ability to help you achieve your goals.

They are simple to begin because you do not have to spend all of the money in your bank account. Hold on to your hats, and let's see what's in store.

M-pesa shop

Mpesa shops are simple to set up and operate. The shops, on the other hand, are known for their good returns.

If you wish to work as a Mpesa agent, you must have a float of at least Ksh.100,000. However, you may prefer to operate this business at a lesser level – as a sub-dealer but under the supervision of a licensed agent.

A little float, such as Ksh.20,000 or Ksh.40,000, will suffice for the sub-dealer. Due to the location of the business, the Mpesa shop can generate you a profit of Ksh.15,000 per month or more.

Ice cream selling

Selling ice cream is a terrific business idea in Kenya that will not let you down. During the warmer season, the business initiative thrives the most.

This business requires a refrigerator as well as ice cream supplies. Once you're ready to go, make sure you've done your homework on the areas you want to sell in.

Go to the grocery store, the office, and the school. Plus, visit marketplaces, children playgrounds, and social places. However, one thing is for sure – you will face stiff competition.

Once you commit to the effort, this business can make you a lot of money. Even so, you might just need Ksh.20,000 to get started.

Taking photographs

You can make money by doing professional photography. The good news is that you won't have to break the budget to have a high-quality camera with this venture.

A nice digital camera worth Ksh.15,000 could be a good place to start. The ability is essential, but it is not difficult; all that is required is enthusiasm and consistency.

Make sure you deliver when the opportunity arises. All of the weddings, birthdays, graduations, funerals, and other festivities will be yours sooner rather than later.

You can make a lot of money, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays when the majority of these events occur.

Mobile food delivery

Mobile food delivery is becoming increasingly popular in both small and large commercial areas. If you can prepare good meals, I believe this is a worthwhile venture.

To enter into this business, you don't need a lot of cash. You should, however, be skilled at forming bonds.

You must be friendly and well groomed because you will be going door to door, marketing your service to other business people and corporate workers in the center.

Tens of people will flock to you if you serve well-prepared cuisine at a reasonable price. Just make sure your delivery is constant in terms of quality and dedication.

Stationary supply to rural areas

The supply of stationery to the most remote places is another area with significant business potential. Those rural schools can be a good market for books, printing papers, and revision papers, among other things.

Your task will entail acquiring resources from large cities at a lower cost. Then make profitable deliveries to these schools.

It's critical that you advertise yourself effectively. To establish a large consumer base, reach out to as many schools as feasible.You can extend your business once you've established yourself.

It's important to keep in mind that you'll require a trustworthy mode of transportation. It's all about making a lot of movements in this company.

Mushroom farming

Mushroom gardening necessitates some technical expertise. As a result, some training is essential to succeed in the industry.

The substrate for developing the fungus will be discussed. You should also be able to determine the ideal room conditions for mushroom growth and where to get the spawn.

The marketing aspect must be given great consideration. There will be no business sense otherwise.

As a result, mushroom farming can bring in a lot of money. Of course, if you manufacture the highest quality fungus.

Selling newspapers and airtime

Another excellent idea is to sell airtime. All you have to do now is find a supplier - Safaricom, Airtel, and Telecom all have stock.

You must do wholesale to make a significant profit from your firm. This business does not pay off handsomely.

As a result, you can consider selling newspapers in addition to the cards to supplement your income. Or any other profitable business venture.

Starting a gaming lounge

Gaming is regarded as one of the most enjoyable methods to pass the time or spend free time. If you live in a city, this might be worth a go.

Young people are primarily drawn to the gaming sector. Furthermore, the metropolitan setting is ideal for the much-needed traffic.

Investing in a comprehensive gaming lounge could be costly. So, for starters, you might choose to work with a two-station gaming lounge with only two TVs.

Alternatively, you might purchase a used system. Thousands of shillings will be yours.

Tailoring business

Tailoring is not a job for the illiterate. Tailoring will be a thrilling task for you if your hype is fashion and modern styles.

You only need a few basic tailoring abilities to get started. You won't have to be concerned if your plans to rent a location in a marketplace or on a busy street fall through.

Starting your business from home is a terrific method to overcome this obstacle while also saving money on rent.

Mobile phones repair business

Thousands of mobile devices are most likely present in your current location. Whether it's a smartphone or a mulika mwizi, you'll find a significant number of them with some sort of malfunction.

This is, nevertheless, a trade for those who possess the necessary talents. It's also acceptable if you're a natural, though you'll obviously need some basic instruction.

You must demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship in order for consumers to trust you with their devices. Mobile phone repair can be a lucrative business because you can establish your own prices and customers would pay.

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